Wall Panel Line

Vaughn Interior Concepts is excited to announce that we are running the only complete, fully automated Wall Panel Line in the country! Wall panels are manufactured in our plant and sent in complete pieces to the job site. We are utilizing all components from IBS to run the line from the first cut to stacking. You can see our line in action at: http://youtu.be/ikJNnq5NZLs.

How it works: Intelligent Building Systems—a “paperless” plant network. This network takes information from a layout designed in “IntelliBuild” and sends cutting and assembly instructions to terminals at different stations in the plant which results in:

  • Green Benefits: 70-80% LESS WASTE vs. building panels on the job site
  • Limits theft of materials from site
  • 65-70% LESS LABOR vs. traditional framing techniques in the construction of homes
  • Wall panels built in minutes vs. hours or days on-site
  • Panels can be built in any weather, at any time of day!
  • 8-hour shift capable of building 7 (3,000 sq. ft.) home
  • 2,500 – 3,000 LF walls daily with training crew
  • Architectural

    Solid wood reception desks, wood wall paneling 80’ tall or custom one-off solid surface sculptures. We have done it all in our years providing architectural millwork / casework products and can help you design and manufacture your next pièce de résistance.
  • Commercial


    Plastic laminate, solid wood or wood veneer cabinetry and custom fixtures that are designed to meet your needs and last a lifetime.  Nothing is out of the question when you have the manufacturing resources that we have in-house.
  • Medical


    Custom and catalog products built to endure in this high abuse industry.  Vaughn has been executing Healthcare projects from single physician clinics to entire new Hospital campus projects and is ready to join your team.
  • Residential


    Nothing is too good when it comes to your home furnishings and cabinetry.  Vaughn has products to fit your needs from our partner companies or we can help design and custom build anything you can dream up.